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Spotlight on the Emu- protect the grassy woodlands this bird relies on

By Hannah Kadi on September 07, 2022

One of Australia’s icons, the Emu is the second largest bird in the world standing at 1.6 to 1.9 meters tall and weighing up to 55kg. They belong to the flightless bird family called ratites who are the oldest form of birds including Cassowaries,...

Spotlight on the Echidna - help protect this Aussie icon from drowning

By Hannah Kadi on September 07, 2022

Australia’s native Echidna is a unique species that continues to puzzle researchers and scientists. Unchanged since prehistoric times, these peculiar egg-laying mammals are part of a  group of five monotremes, including the four echidna species and the platypus.  Echidna’s have no teeth and their...

Exploring Guy Fawkes

By Guy Threlfo on August 09, 2022

The Guy Fawkes wilderness area is 134,000 hectares in size and characterised by a large network of gorges. Following the geological weaknesses created by the Demon Fault, the Guy Fawkes River and its major tributaries, the Aberfoyle and Sara Rivers, have cut gorges up...

MJD - In memory of Myles Joseph Dunphy

By Dexter Dunphy on August 08, 2022

the leather bootsare cracked and dryhobnails rusting outyet I half expectedyou to arrive and pull them onfor day dawnedcrisp, clear, autumnalthe dusty aircleared by rain in powerful flightswans passed overheada pulsing arrowheadcleaving the sky just the kind of dayyou enjoyed striding bareleggedthrough coastal heathlandbrushing...

The Squirrel Glider - Protect the Wild Places This Species Relies On

By Hannah Kadi on July 27, 2022

Commonly mistaken for the Sugar Glider, the Squirrel Glider is the larger of the two species and grows to up to twice the size, with a head and body length of 20cm.  The Squirrel Glider is brown-gray in color with a dark stripe down...

Wilderness Australia Board Retreat

By Alix Goodwin on July 05, 2022

Wilderness Australia is an organisation with bold objects: the expansion, protection, and restoration of Australia’s wilderness areas and other landscapes of high environmental significance, for the purpose of sustaining the ecological processes on which all life depends.  To be successful in our efforts, we...

The Leadbeater's Possum - Help Save This Species And Its Home

By Hannah Kadi on July 03, 2022

The Leadbeater's Possum is only found in the Ash forests and subalpine woodlands of Victoria. Although today it is Victoria’s faunal emblem, it was thought the species was extinct until they were rediscovered in 1961. Weighing about 135 grams, growing up to 300mm and...

The Masked Owl - Help Protect This Beautiful Bird of Prey

By Zoe Martin on July 02, 2022

Standing between 40-50cm tall and with a wingspan of up to 129cm, the Australian Masked Owl is Australia's second-largest nocturnal bird and an impressive sight to behold in the wild. Its large, dark eyes are set in a distinctive flat, heart-shaped facial disc that...

Spotlight on the Pilot

By Guy Threlfo on July 01, 2022

Originally proposed for reservation by Myles Dunphy in 1931, today the Pilot forms part of the greater Snowy-Indi wilderness; together with Kosciuszko National Park, the Snowy-Indi is one of biggest and best examples of Australia’s ‘High Country’ wilderness. At 80,161 hectares, the Pilot extends...

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