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Bulletin No 279

  • Conservationist and publisher- Vale, Patrick James Marius Thompson
  • Message from the Chair
  • A wilderness life
  • Chairperson's Farewell
  • A special thanks to Keith Muir
  • The Virus
  • Wombats, Wattle, Wilderness, World Heritage & Wellbeing
  • Returning to our roots: Corporate campaigning

Bulletin No 278

  • So many questions  
  • Colong and its future
  • Thank you for your support! 
  • Notice of AGM 
  • Keith Muir retires 
  • Run for Wild Places 
  • Native Fauna of the Gtr Blue Mountains World Heritage Area 
  • Destination Pagoda global showcase 
  • Crown Lands Rejects Airfield Proposal 
  • Can it get much worse for Kosci? 
  • Wilderness and the Lithgow incinerator 
  • Featured Wilderness: Levers 
  • Urban sprawl in Royal National Park wildlife corridor 

Bulletin No 277

  • Smokescreen
  • Gardens of Stone continues to receive attention
  • Lithgow’s Gang Gang Gallery supports Gardens of Stone
  • GIVE A DAM: a year in review
  • Feral horses, fire and drought – Guy Fawkes River National Park, October 2019
  • Snowy 2.0 attack on Kosciuszko National Park
  • Old growth forests in two states
  • Camping ban part of Light to Light bid for iconic walk status
  • Mining in catchments report finds on-going damage acceptable

Bulletin No 276

  • Moffitt's celebrated at Lithgow State Mine Museum
  • Meeting dates
  • Climate change responsibility
  • Nature needs half
  • Blue Mountains World Heriage in Crisis
    • The Colong Foundation brings Warragamba Dam before the World Heritage Committee
    • No Dams policy under threat
    • Consensus ban on mining in World Heritage Areas at risk
    • The 4Nature -v- Springvale Court battle 
    • Protecting natural quiet from aircraft noise
  • Testing times for Environment Minister Kean
  • Featured wilderness - Tuross
  • National Parks converted to plantations

Bulletin No 275

  • Destination Pagoda – wins support
  • Meeting dates
  • Rescuing the Wilderness, Book Review
  • How do you GIVE A DAM?
  • Raising Warragamba Dam wall has to be stopped!
  • Giving a dam - year 12 student viewpoint
  • Guy Fawkes - featured wilderness
  • Katoomba airfield development plans
  • Stop logging public native forests
  • Scientists stand firm on effective and humane culling of feral horses
  • Milo Dunphy on not compromising
  • Privatising national parks and the loss of wilderness

Bulletin No 274

  • Nature Report NSW
  • Lithgow’s conservation unionists remembered
  • How do you GIVE A DAM?
  • AGM & Launch of Destination Pagoda
  • Centennial Coal’s plan to fix the Wollangambe River
  • Singleton Army Base brumby cull
  • 21st Century Wilderness
  • Rescuing the Wilderness
  • Burning forests worse than burning coal 
  • Rainforest to racetrack, down the Illawarra Escarpment
  • Leak inquiry discovers water losses from Sydney’s drinking water catchments
  • Congratulations Harry Burkitt – our young environmentalist of the year

Bulletin No 273

  • Heritage Horse Act is causing suffering
  • Flooding World Heritage for floodplain development just plain dumb
  • Honouring wilderness 
  • Goodradigbee – Featured Wilderness
  • Lithgow can be the new Katoomba 
  • Grasslands in peril 
  • NSW Government’s record on the environment
  • Re-imagining wilderness
  • Falls-Hotham Alpine Crossing approved 
  • The Language of Fire

Bulletin No 272

  • The Call of the Wild
  • The First National Parks
  • Why Wilderness
  • Irreplaceable Benefits 
  • Morella Korong
  • Wilderness in Australia
  • Confessions of a Happy Troglodyte
  • Sign of the Axe
  • How the NSW Wilderness Act Came About
  • MJD (poem)
  • Progress in Wilderness Protection in NSW
  • Wilderness and the Future
  • The Famous Gangerang Trip
  • Join / Donate
  • Wilderness Timeline

Bulletin No 271

  • A Dad’s Army of unionists seek dialogue to protect Lithow’s Gardens of Stone
  • Monthly General meetings
  • Snowy-hydro 2 risks significant damage to Kosciuszko National Park
  • Wild Light exhibition – A celebration of Henry Gold’s photography
  • Kosciuszko National Park in peril
  • Saving the Great Barrier Reef
  • Saving NSW Forests – an on-going process
  • The Federal Government’s Tasmanian Wilderness abuse subsidy
  • Gardens of Stone (poem)

Bulletin No 270

  • Let's think about saving wild rivers...
  • Monthly General meetings and AGM
  • Colong turns 50!
  • Thank you for your support!
  • You're Invited - 50th Anniversary Celebration Events
  • Hon. Treasurer wanted
  • Please renew your support for 2018
  • Book Review: Upland Swamps in the Sydney Region
  • Australia Needs a strategy for nature
  • Hello Lithgow! Banner Day in the Gardens of Stone
  • Austerity for National Parks golden anniversary
  • Snowy 2.0 will prop up the coal industry
  • The Nattai - featured wilderness

Bulletin No 269

  • Wayfaring in Wollemi: stories of people in wilderness - Book Review
  • World Heritage gate unlocked for Royal National Park
  • Let’s make the Gardens of Stone a world-class reserve
  • NCC Annual Conference 2017
  • Dam Madness!
  • Tasmanian Wilderness Update
  • Featured Wilderness : New England
  • NSW timber industry wants to log national parks
  • Planners support open-cut mining of unique natural heritage

Bulletin No 268

  • Introducing Harry Burkitt – Kowmung Campaigner
    Don’t Raise the Dam
  • A Spring Day In The Gardens, Banner event
  • Building a strong and sustainable NPWS
  • Our National Parks Need Protection, Not Cuts
  • Book Launch: Wayfaring in Wollemi
  • Lest We Forget
  • Gardens of Stone campaign on track
  • Royal National Park disrespected
  • Royal National Park – A Birthing Place for the National Parks Movement 
  • Implementing the Murray Darling Basin Plan

Bulletin No 267

  • Will Warragamba be Sydney’s Lake Pedder?
  • Monthly General meetings 
  • Feral Deer remain ‘game animals’
  • Pillaging the Pilliga – Again!
  • Featured Wilderness: The Pilliga
  • Clearfelling the Coast
  • Alps feral horse control at risk
  • Biodiversity Conservation or Land Clearing?
  • 4nature takes Centennial Coal to the Supreme Court
  • Slow to Celebrate Parks’ Golden Anniversary

Bulletin No 266

  • A Tourism Plan to exploit the Blue Mountains
  • Burning plastics is worse than coal
  • Book Review - Repaying my debt: A conservationist's tale, Geoff Mosley
  • Thank you for your support
  • National Parks across Australia are being targeted for development
  • Protecting Barrington South's rivers and forests
  • Tale of two mines
  • Time to retire coal fired power plants
  • Featured Wilderness - Yengo
  • Monthly General meetings and AGM

Bulletin No 265

  • Just how good are the Gardens of Stone 2?
  • Fixing the Coxs River
  • Horse riding assault on protected wilderness
  • Dr Geoff Mosley - book launch and celebration
  • The Pilot - featured wilderness
  • Gardens of Stone Celebration: a stunning success
  • Southern Escarpment under threat again
  • Perisher Resort Deal stranded without a park bench, we hope!
  • Fairmont resort builds cabin without consent on the border with Blue Mountains National Park
  • Barrington, a well-loved, World Heritage listed, wilderness forest doughnut!
  • The exploits of the NSW Government

Bulletin No 264

  • You’re invited to our Gardens of Stone celebration!
  • Register today and win a $100 dinner at Rubyos in Newtown!
  • Celebration event program
  • Alex Colley Memorial Lecture
  • Plan to stop Springvale Mine polluting Sydney’s drinking water
  • Flooding wilderness, wild rivers and world heritage
  • A tropical wilderness
  • Wollangambe River clean-up
  • Kanangra to Katoomba Walk – Not for tourists or wilderness!
  • Don’t destroy the Gardens of Stone as you drive
  • Disappearing Thirlmere Lakes
  • Plan to stop feral horses degrading Kosciuszko National Park

Bulletin No 263

  • Giving Wilderness is due
  • The Baird Government's war against Nature
  • Pells report on coal mining and swamp damage
  • Kosciuszko National Park - the heat's on
  • Federal and NSW Governments approve National Park logging
  • Featured wilderness  ... Curracabundi
  • Book Review ... Wild Swimming
  • Thank you for your support
  • New Flora Reserves for the Far South Coast
  • No Western Sydney Airport ... campaign update
  • How Photography Can Save Wilderness

Bulletin No 262

  • Help 4nature protect the Coxs River
  • NCC Annual Conference 2015
  • Wilderness supporter survey
  • Western Sydney Airport proposal – polluting and unnecessary
  • The new Blue Mountains’ environmental plan
  • Mugii Murum-ban update
  • The Deua – Featured Wilderness
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Victoria drops 5% burning target
  • Animal property rights
  • Vale Joe Glascott (1931-2016)

Bulletin No 261

  • Mugii Murum-ban State Conservation Area: management and mining madness
  • Who Burned the Warrumbungles?
  • In Focus Photographic Competition – Update
  • Please renew your support for 2016
  • Macleay Gorges – Featured Wilderness
  • Historic Bushwalking Maps by Myles Dunphy
  • On Track: Searching out the Bundian Way 

Bulletin No 260

  • The Gardens of Stone finally getting attention (view exhibition gallery)
  • Horse riding in wilderness trial a debacle
  • Centennial Coal’s waste heap collapse and bushwalkers investigate
  • Crown land must remain in public hands
  • Threatened heritage subversion… Centennial Coal’s swamp scam
  • Burning Forests for ‘Dead Koala’ Power
  • Sports fields in Berowra Valley National Park
  • Myles Dunphy – ‘Bushwalker Extraordinaire’

Bulletin No 259

  • The Gardens of Stone: In Focus
  • Wollangambe River, fighting for its life
  • Changes to online membership
  • Wolgan Walk
  • Great Forest National Park
  • Coal industry moves goal posts and succeeds in scoring own goals
  • Tasmanian wilderness forever
  • Horseriding abuse of national parks and wilderness
  • Thirlmere Lakes – World Heritage in danger 

Bulletin No 258

  • The NSW Government’s environmental record
  • Thank you 2014 Donors
  • More than just talk, the NCC Annual Conference
  • Backfire in the bush, an update on fire management in NSW
  • Tasmanian Wilderness at Risk: A Call to Action
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)
  • Feral horses before conservation

Bulletin No 257

  • An adventure braided into a history
  • A history of the Blue Labyrinth
  • Early National Park Zoning Map Discovered
  • More plans to exploit parks
  • Please renew your support for 2015
  • Sydney's World Parks Congress
  • Combining Wilderness and World Heritage
  • It's Time

Bulletin No 256

  • A Century of Walking the Wild
  • Feral horses starving in Kosciuszko National Park
  • Environmental Policies for the NSW Election March 2015
  • The demise of the native forest sector
  • National Parks on Trial
  • Defending the Pilliga's Conservation Reserves
  • University research reveals extent of damage to World Heritage river

Bulletin No 255

  • Tribute to Jim Somerville, AM
  • Bob Carr our new Parton
  • Coalpac Energy Security
  • Feral horses ruining the high country
  • Experimental horse riding
  • Hello from John Robens
  • Thank you Elizabeth Elenius
  • Colong Wilderness Walk - Dunphy's Kowmung Adventure Sep 26-Oct6, 2014

Bulletin No 254

  • Death of our Patron, the Hon Neville Wran AC, QC
  • Sweeping changes threaten State Forests
  • Will multinational corporations be allowed to sue?
  • Myles Dunphy, Bert Gallop & their Kowmung Adventure – October 1914
  • Miners lay siege to the Gardens of Stone
  • Federal Government abandons the environment
  • A policy to bulldoze wildlife habitat
  • Raising Warragamba Dam Wall
  • Aircraft to clog the wilderness sky

Bulletin No 253

  • Alexander Gerald Colley. Friend. Bushwalker. Conservationist
  • “They always bring too much!”
  • Proposed delisting of World Heritage Forests in Tasmania
  • Alex Colley and early days of the Colong Committee
  • Cosmopolitan Conservationists, Greening Modern Sydney – book review
  • Blue Mountains, green or black?
  • Thank you Colong Foundation Donors
  • Riders on a storm
  • Time to better protect our Special Area catchments

Bulletin No 252

  • More development threatens Jenolan Caves
  • Coalpac defeated, bring on the Gardens of Stone Stage 2
  • SUBW Nude Calendar 2014 supports the Colong Foundation
  • Fires, facts and friction
  • Please renew your support for 2014
  • NCC Annual Conference Resolutions 2013
  • The Myles Dunphy Map Project
  • The 10th World Wilderness Congress

Bulletin No 251

  • Getting to the truth on the proposed NSW planning system
  • NSW Government’s ‘mine approval policy’
  • Horse riders push for the wilderness heartland
  • Don’t burn NSW forests for electricity
  • Climate Change thinker calls for divestment
  • The Blue Mountains – my home

Bulletin No 250

  • Oppose plans for horse riding tracks in wilderness areas
  • National Park 'bashing' continues
  • Shock at damage to catchment areas
  • Planning razzle-dazzle
  • Penrith a city of a flood plain
  • Hunting in national parks unworkable
  • Cape York savanah sojourn
  • Miners continue to deny protection for the Gardens of Stone

Bulletin No 249

  • A new Planning Act for NSW
  • Why Ben Bullen State Forest should be reserved
  • Don't raise Warragamba Dam and save our World Heritage listed wilderness
  • Shooters declare war on national parks
  • Blue Mountains Heritage Assessment on track
  • 'The First National Park'
  • Tribute to Jim Somerville A.M.
  • Time for a National Wilderness Act

Bulletin No 248

  • The PAC inquiry that did not pull its punches
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Colong Foundation Donors
  • NSW Hazard Reduction Review
  • Problems with OEH Interim Corporate Plan 2012-2013
  • Colong needs more Wilderness Champions
  • Bells Line of Road - on the road to suburbia
  • Let's not get emotional
  • Tracking down the Man for Snowy River's ghost ...

Bulletin No 247

  • Sixth National Wilderness Conference
  • Human Dependence on Nature
  • Message from the past
  • The Coalpac Inquiry
  • Flooding World Heritage
  • Planning for developers
  • Tourism vs Conservation
  • Editorial

Bulletin No 246

  • A strong Federal environmental defender is essential
  • 6th National Wilderness Conference
  • The Phoney Feral hunters
  • The Gardens of Stone – a threatened wonderland
  • World heritage under attack by Root Rot
  • The Divine Right of Access: A 4-WD tale
  • A Real Celebration of Conservation – 80th Anniversary of Saving Blue Gum Forest

Bulletin No 245

  • Pine Dale – total mining madness
  • Help stop Coalpac’s plan to open-cut mine the Gardens of stone – Write a submission
  • The CoAG deal to ‘do in’ environmental laws
  • Protest against the NSW Government’s plans for horse riding in wilderness areas
  • Antarctica Forum
  • Gardens of stone: A Personal story

Bulletin No 244

  • Rewilding Europe 
  • General Meetings 
  • Annual General Meeting (AGM)  
  • A new Planning Act for NSW 
  • The Biodiversity Fund - another missed opportunity? 
  • Cabin development OK in wilderness says parks chief 
  • We're all fossil fools  
  • Vale John Hibberd 
  • Monitoring National Park KPIs on the 'Executive Dashboard' 

Bulletin No 243

  • Power Plant clean up vindicates conservation group's determined stand
  • ALP opposes Coalpac open-cut proposal
  • Introducing Alan Dixon
  • Jim Somerville - still campaigning after all these years
  • Tasmania's historic forests agreement
  • The Newnes Plateau swamp saga
  • With a fog on the hill, use a compass and take a back bearing
  • Colliery escapes a guilty verdict but ordered to pay $1.5 million compensation for swamp damage
  • Strategic Plan for coal and gas development faulters
  • Saving the Kimberley
  • The population time bomb
  • SA significantly advances Wilderness Protection

Bulletin No 242

  • A mid-winter trip to the Gardens of Stone
  • Save the Gardens of Stone - Now! 
  • Join the Colong Challenge 
  • "Underfunding and neglect" - is this the NPWS park system we love? 
  • On the wrong bike track 
  • Wanted, a new Hon. Membership Secretary 
  • Fire hits and myths 
  • "The future is not some place we are going to, but one we are creating". Peter Ellyard, Australian futurist.

Bulletin No 241

  • A national treasure or an industrial wasteland? You choose. 
  • The Pilliga Wilderness proposal - progress with the remaining half 
  • Gertrude Kallir O.A.M. 
  • Images of the Wild 
  • 'Climate Change Denial: Heads in the Sand' by Haydn Washington and John Cook 
  • Wilderness development oxymorons 
  • Survival of endangered upland swamps rests with us 
  • River Red Gums 

Bulletin No 240

  • NSW supports World Heritage listing for the Alps
  • New website debunks the myths about wilderness
  • General Meetings 
  • Images of the Wild 
  • Colong Donors  
  • Genowlan Mountain and Mount Airly reserved after a 30 year campaign 
  • Quarrying New South Wales must stop 
  • Yerranderie donated to the public 
  • A new threat to forests - open-cut coal mining

Bulletin No 239

  • Dunphy Wilderness Areas: Protected At Last 
  • General Meetings 
  • 2010 Colong Donors 
  • Curracabundi Wilderness recommended for protection 
  • Battle lines drawn over proposed open cut coal mine in the Gardens of Stone 
  • Spotlight on our National Environment Law

Bulletin No 238

  • Reviving the World Heritage Vision 
  • General Meetings 
  • Colong Foundation Strategic Intent 2010-2013 
  • Visitors Map for Gardens of Stone - Out NOw! 
  • Stop Press 
  • Mountain Biking in National Parks  
  • Curracabundi Wilderness 
  • New book on the Steady State Economy 
  • Wilderness and the 2011 State Election 
  • Tassie Forest Peace Plan shows the way 

Bulletin No 237

  • Captertee - Our 800th National Park 
  • Replacing Endless Economic Growth with a Viable Alternative...The Steady State 
  • Logging Endangered Ecological Communities 
  • Wild Blue Mountains 
  • Action needed to Protect the Dunphy Wilderness Areas 
  • Global Biodiversity Outlook 
  • Don't burn native forests for electricity  
  • Alpine Wilderness freed from Grazing impediment

Bulletin No 236

  • Tourist Development Bill becomes Law 
  • Red Gums Saved from Logging 
  • General Meetings 
  • Financial Report 
  • Logging devastates last koala colony 
  • Mining impact report launched 
  • Colong Report Provokes Local Anger

Bulletin No 235

  • Keneally Caves In On River Red Gum National Parks 
  • Japanese buyers could halt old-growth logging  
  • Garrett Sells Out Labor's National Park Credentials 
  • Board vacancies 
  • Don't Sell Our Parks to Cut Your Deficit 
  • Mining the Bulli Coal Seam 
  • Nullarbor Wilderness Success! 
  • Thanks to our loyal donors 
  • The first national park

Bulletin No 234

  • River Red Gum National Park 
  • Shooters' Megacomplex Thrown Out Of Court 
  • End Of Shooters' Party Push 
  • Saving The Antarctic Wilderness 
  • The Gardens Of Stone Campaign Gathers Pace 
  • Growing Opposition To Development In National Parks  
  • Wilderness And Conservation Priorities 
  • The State Plan Review, A Blueprint For More Blunders 
  • Climate Change, Biodiversity Conservation, And The Role Of Protected Areas  

Bulletin No 233

  • Last Chance for River Red Gum 
  • Hilda makes a new friend 
  • General Meetings 
  • Wood-fired power plants are not green 
  • Yengo vegetation Survey 
  • The Golden Gumtree Postal Run 
  • Helensburgh - urban sprawl flashpoint
  • Coalition defends National Parks

Bulletin No 232

  • Alex 100… his Colong Life  
  • Atmospheric Brown Clouds 
  • Tourism Bill - Ominous Cloud Over Parks 
  • Progress on wilderness protection 
  • Global warming Acidifying Oceans 
  • Seeing the Gardens 
  • Monitoring Cliff Falls? 
  • Rejection of new hunting laws could mark a political watershed
  • Carbon Smoke and Mirrors 
  • 'Vision'... What is that? 
  • Car rallies before conservation 
  • Understanding the Scenery 
  • Morton national Park and the Coast: nowra to Batemans Bay
  • Straight shooting

Bulletin No 231

  • RTA keeps rolling on 
  • Wilderness giving 
  • Colong donors 
  • Carbon Polluters reward Scheme? 
  • General Meetings 
  • Gardens of Stone undermined 
  • Sandstone plateaus, upland swamps and catchment integrity

Bulletin No 230

  • The RTA's billion dollar by-pass
  • EditorialL
  • Financial meltdown
  • Review of Federal Environmental Laws
  • Discovering Mt Yengo
  • Private development of National Parks - a losing strategy
  • Kakadudded
  • Retrospective Wilderness Posters by Henry Gold 

Bulletin No 229

  • Shoalwater Wilderness Saved 
  • 40 Years campaigning 
  • NCC Annual Conference 2008 
  • Australia's outback wilderness 
  • Support wilderness and stop the loss  
  • Bring on a Wilderness Resurgence 
  • 4 degrees 
  • Green is Good 
  • Greenland melt 
  • J G Mosley Honoured 
  • Our not so proud record 
  • Tourism versus nature

Bulletin No 228

  • Catchment Protection Code Red 
  • Parks not just "tourism assets" 
  • Wilderness Nominations... Sandon & Wooli River  
  • Only you can protect national parks... Letter writing appeal 
  • The Passes of Narrow Neck 
  • More Plans for a Newnes Expressway 
  • Climate Change... The Defining Moment

Bulletin No 227

  • Shoalwater Wilderness Saved 
  • 40 Years campaigning 
  • NCC Annual Conference 2008 
  • Australia's outback wilderness 
  • Support wilderness and stop the loss  
  • Bring on a Wilderness Resurgence 
  • 4 degrees 
  • Green is Good 
  • Greenland melt 
  • J G Mosley Honoured 
  • Our not so proud record 
  • Tourism versus nature

Bulletin No 226

  • Washpool milestone  
  • A word from the Chair...  
  • Alex Retires as Colong Director 
  • Working with Alex  
  • And Geoff Mosley writes... 
  • Bleak prospects for National heritage protection 
  • Apathy - A Time for Action  
  • Dorothy Butler 1911- 2008

Bulletin No 225

  • The battle for Deua 
  • Meeting Dates
  • 2008 AGM  
  • Introducing the Colong foundation's Draft Policy on Wilderness and fire 
  • Petition calls for "In Danger" listing  
  • 2007 Donors  
  • Net zero immigration  
  • The Truth About Wilderness Protection - Making Context Count 
  • Black Diamond Raiders 
  • It's Time 
  • New Survey - The Native fauna and Pest Species of Greater Southern Sydney 
  • Why We Need Wilderness 
  • Stand made for last Rock Wallabies on the Shoalhaven 

Bulletin No 224

  • Mining to spread across the Woronora Plateau 
  • Colong Bulletin to have new format 
  • Meeting Dates 
  • Fire management gone berserk? 
  • Kossie, a long paddock no more 
  • Colong supports new policy on Aboriginal interests and nature 
  • Capertee helicopter joyflights 
  • Finding the wilderness in Tantawangalo's forests
  • Vale Vince Serventy AM 
  • Dingos control feral animals 
  • Snow job on cloud seeding
  • Book Review: The Ways of the Bushwalker 
  • NCC Annual Conference 
  • Development overrides conservation 
  • Selling off crown lands 
  • Appropriate philanthropy 
  • Trees going cheap 

Bulletin No 223

  • The Wilderness Act turns 20 
  • Kevin Rudd's Mistake 
  • RIP - Kakadu Wilderness Area (1986-2007)
  • Letting down the marshes
  • Taxing Greenhouse Emissions Boosts Economy
  • Meeting Dates 
  • Rivers of Recovery 
  • Back from the Brink
  • Privatisation of National Park tourism facilities 
  • Threat Alert
  • The Southern Wilderness Project
  • Bring back the dingo
  • Securing World Heritage Listing For Antarctica 
  • NCC Draft Aboriginal Policy

Bulletin No 222

  • Connect to protect 
  • Can wilderness survive climate change?
  • Vale: Charles Culberg, Anna Dybka
  • Crisis? What Crisis?
  • Positive negotiation outcome for Emirates Resort 
  • Book Review: Sustainability 
  • Wilderness on Cape York Peninsula
  • Greenhouse emissions subsidised 
  • Meeting dates 
  • Bushfire in a Heating World
  • New plan removes Kakadu's Wilderness protection

Bulletin No 221

  • Emirates Resort 
  • The Leaking Catchment 
  • Colong's new chairperson
  • 20 years of Wilderness Act
  • Blue Mtns Sewage Strategy 
  • Grazing, blazing and science 
  • Two new wilderness areas
  • The Murray must flow 
  • Meeting Dates 
  • Where have all the native animals gone 
  • Grose Valley Fire Forum 
  • Remembering Louise Mecallef
  • No need to assess sewage impacts says Sartor 
  • Bring back the dingoes 
  • Book Review: Habitat Fragmentation and Landscape Change
  • The Helicopter Menace  

Bulletin No 220

  • Environmental performance of Political Parties in NSW
  • Meeting Dates 
  • Lessons from the Grose Valley Fire
  • The Cause of the Symptoms
  • Aboriginal Co-management Strategy of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area 
  • Book Review: BURN 
  • A Gorilla of a Sea Rise 
  • Evidence mounts against longwall mining in catchments
  • Goobarragandra Wilderness, a haven for horses, pigs and pines?  
  • It can be done 
  • Categories review poses threat to wilderness 
  • The Emirates' smoke and mirrors accountability 

Bulletin No 219

  • A trip down memory lane
  • Independent Inquiry is needed into the Grose Valley Fire 
  • Environment Minister Bob Debus moves on 
  • Political thunderings against wilderness 
  • Book review: Terania Creek, Rainforest Wars 
  • Heritage Denied 
  • World Heritage Land Grab 
  • Damage to drinking water catchments exposed 
  • Celebration of two wilderness gifts 
  • NCC Annual Conference
  • The State Plan
  • Plans of management could be sidelined 
  • The Blue Mountains Feral Horse Control Plan 

Bulletin No 218

  • Fifth National Wilderness Conference 
  • Budget Surplus Boosted 
  • Wilderness Management in the NSW Outback 
  • Wilderness (Poem) 
  • Botanical/Ecological Significance of Newnes Plateau 
  • Friends of the Hacking River
  • Celebrating Wilderness 
  • Upper Blue Mountains Sewerage 
  • The Marshes Drying Up 
  • Position Vacant
  • Donors 
  • Far South Coast Escarpment Parks
  • Our New Office 

Bulletin No 217

  • Alex Colley enrolled in the Allen Strom Hall of Fame 
  • New hope for the River Redgums
  • Freedom from Information 
  • Henry Gold, OAM 
  • Extraordinary General Meeting 
  • Meeting Dates
  • Guy Fawkes Wilderness faces a volatile future 
  • Celebrating Wilderness, 5th National Wilderness Conference 
  • Randwick Association's World Environment Day Donation
  • Finding Common Ground
  • National Parks in the Western Division 
  • Fire Strategy for Kanagra Boyd Wilderness 
  • The case against integrated logging for woodchips
  • There is sand in other places 

Bulletin No 216

  • Government fails critical World Heritage Test 
  • Colong Foundation Moving
  • Meeting Dates 
  • Australia is Drying Up 
  • Don't Eat Your Pet 
  • Book Review: Crimes Against Nature by Robert Kennedy
  • Kakadu No Longer a Park 
  • High Fire Grazing...A Furphy?
  • An Unresponsive Lithgow Council Rejects Gardens of Stone Stage Two 
  • Sale of Snowy Hydro Corporation means an end to environmental flows 
  • RALLY to stop woodchipping of our southeast native forests
  • Antarctica is NOT for sale 
  • Celebrating Wilderness, National Wilderness Conference 2006 

Bulletin No 215

  • New Kakadu Plan reveals serious defects with leaseback parks 
  • Wilderness bushwalking illegal in Commonwealth National Parks 
  • Exhibition of Henry Gold Photographs 
  • Gift creates a Wilderness Legacy 
  • Meeting dates 
  • Annual General Meeting
  • Global Warming 
  • Don't Criticise the Government 
  • Threats to Namadgi Wilderness 
  • NGOs Count 
  • Conservation Hunting or Hunting for Preferences 
  • New Parks Announced 
  • Penny Figgis AO
  • Shooters' resort to replace Blue Mountains reserve
  • Rainforest in Crisis
  • The Purpose of Parks 
  • The Superstupid Bells Expressway proposal get dumped again 

Bulletin No 214

  • Gardens of Stone Park Proposal Stage 2 
  • Launch of GOS Stage 2 
  • Saving wilderness depends on voluntary funding
  • IUCN global mammal assessment 
  • Habitat before agriculture 
  • Action towards wilderness protection in Australia 
  • Lands Dept ignores environmental responsibility 
  • Port Hinchinbrook development axed
  • No cattle in the alps
  • Meeting Dates
  • Capertee heliport rejected 

Bulletin No 213

  • 8th World Wilderness Congress
  • Alps/Forests World Heritage Campaign 
  • Cash for Compliments 
  • Federal Govt Proposal for a Greater Alpine NP - A Critique
  • Kosciuszko Region Wilderness Nominations 2005 
  • Vale Denis Kevans
  • Wilderness Protection in South Australia 
  • Meeting Dates 
  • Gardens of Stone Stage 2
  • Kosciuszko NP presented to the Premier 
  • Tallowa Dam Plan Threatens Ettrema Wilderness 

Bulletin No 212

  • Bob Carr's Legacy 
  • Southern Wilderness Nominations 2005
  • Rural Fire Services Bulldozes Six Foot Track 
  • Alpine Resorts, Not Just Perisher 
  • Park Activities Must Be Accountable
  • Rainforests Revisited
  • Sand Resource for Sale
  • Welcome Back Elizabeth
  • State of the Parks 2004 
  • Moving Pictures
  • Meeting Dates

Bulletin No 211

  • Wilderness in trouble in Southern NSW 
  • Only growth matters 
  • Dr J.G. Mosley AM
  • Appointment to board
  • Interference with law puts Kosciuszko under planning dictatorship
  • Lessons from geese 
  • Potoroos Matter
  • Euphemism for destruction 
  • Quarrying threat to Newnes Plateau
  • Horses out of parks 
  • Community voice muzzled 
  • Helicopters over World Heritage and Middle East oil money
  • Meeting Dates
  • The Pilliga
  • Tasmanian World Heritage on the move 

Bulletin No 210

  • Wilderness Reality
  • Dozer Watch 2003-04
  • Tourism Plans for National Parks
  • Foundation Accounts
  • Going Native
  • Unprotected Rivers
  • Saving the Whales
  • Blue Mountains Guide
  • Wilderness Misconceptions
  • Pumping Out the Newnes Plateau

Bulletin No 209

  • Geoff Mosley Targets Growth
  • Radiata Plateau Threatened Again 
  • April 22 Deadline for SE Forests
  • Expensive FOI
  • Lifestyle: Wilderness More Important Than Ever
  • In Search of Sustainability 
  • Submission: Living Parks 
  • Blue Mountains Groundwater Threatened 
  • New National Parks for South Coast
  • Vigil at Franklin Square 

Bulletin No 208

  • Saving the Southern Parks
  • Oppose Snow Clearing of Roads in the Perisher Range 
  • Meeting Dates
  • Climate Change, Worse than we thought
  • NCC Resolutions 
  • "Tales from the Wild" lunch
  • Environmental Law - A case study 
  • SE Forests National Park given a plan for its future 

Bulletin No 207

  • Tales from the Wilds 
  • Planning for profit
  • ACTION ALERT... Kosciuszko developer land grab begins 
  • Sustaining the Blue Mountains
  • Poisoning pristine rivers 
  • Somewhat Perilous
  • Kakadu - The making of a national park 
  • Conservation champions 
  • Science, Story and Song 

Bulletin No 206

  • Blue Mountains World Heritage 
  • NSW Land Sale 
  • The Trouble with Farming 
  • Legacy for Wilderness 
  • Criticisms of Wilderness 
  • Meeting Dates 
  • Changes to Government Policy and Legislation on Threatened Species
  • With Every Step 
  • Conservation on Private Lands: The Australian Experience 
  • Additions to Blue Mountains Parks 

Bulletin No 205

  • Campaign Objectives 
  • Blue Mountains World Heritage Institute Established 
  • Kosciuszko Plans for Public Comment
  • Kossie Crisis Meeting 
  • Sound Familiar? 
  • Wilderness Resurgence
  • Keith Receives Award
  • Blue Mountains NP Draft Fire Management Strategy
  • DEC's one-eyed vision for Far South Coast Escarpment Parks 
  • To save species, Save their habitat 
  • Filming Approval Bill Passed 

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