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December 14, 2019

MEDIA RELEASE: Greens, One Nation and Unions protest together against dam plan

A broad coalition opposed to the raising of Warragamba Dam wall have come together in a colourful protest outside of Stuart Ayres' electoral office in Penrith. Representatives from the Greens, One Nation, Unions and Sustainable Australia have slammed the plan, calling on Stuart Ayres, and the NSW Government, to ditch this highly unpopular and damaging project.

Protestors arrived wearing swimmers and flotation devices, placing bids on a flood-prone property during the mock auction (picture attached). This represented the thousands of hectares of dangerous flood-prone land that would accommodate the 134,000 people that Stuart Ayres plans to place on the floodplain if the dam wall is raised.

Carl Halley, One Nation said: “The huge flood of people into western-Sydney which would occur if the dam wall is raised will cause massive problems for this area. It will put another 134,000 people in harm’s way that won’t be able to get out in a major flood. It will place a massive strain on communities and infrastructure already at bursting point. Western Sydney is saying no to this corrupt developer plan."

Antony Lewis, Greens said: “If the dam wall is raised, western Sydney will lose precious remaining green spaces. It will turn some of our most fertile agricultural land into housing estates. These ecosystems and green spaces are what makes western Sydney an attractive place to live, and without them, the standard of living goes down.” 

Harry Burkitt, GIVE A DAM Campaigner said: “The people of western Sydney are sending a clear message to this government. They do not want their suburbs ruined by overdevelopment. Groups from opposite ends of the political spectrum are now together condemning this plan, showing that their members and communities feel deeply about stopping the dam”. 
Media contact: 0490 010 909  

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