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December 20, 2023

An early Christmas gift for greater gliders

Today, the EPA has announced a THIRD extension to the Stop Work Order placed on logging operations in Tallaganda State Forest!

This means that since the first announcement, we have now secured a 160 day logging respite for greater gliders in Tallaganda State Forest. And this is only the beginning.

We have laid out our plan to expand the NSW national park estate, by turning State Forests into national parks.

Tallaganda State Forest is a prime example of an area that is high in conservation value, but remains unprotected under the reserve system. As such, this area will be one of the first we propose as a national park, ensuring permanent protection for greater gliders and countless other threatened species.

Wilderness Australia Operations Manager, Andrew Wong, and Chair, Bob Debus, at the boundary between Tallaganda State Forest and Tallaganda National Park. Our plan to expand NSW National Parks would ensure protection of the whole area, as solely national park.

We are energised by the continued success in Tallaganda and eager to repeat these outcomes in Glenbog, Dampier, Coolangubra and many other State Forests threatened with logging.

The EPA had this to say:

The extension of the Stop Work Order was required because Forestry Corporation NSW (FCNSW) is yet to advise the EPA that it has undertaken the necessary surveys to identify and protect Southern Greater Glider den trees.

The EPA is also continuing its investigation into other alleged breaches detected in Tallaganda State Forest.  These investigations include a range of alleged non-compliances with the CIFOA such as alleged damage to habitat of threatened species and/or ecological communities, alleged damage to environmentally sensitive areas and alleged failure to retain trees in accordance with the CIFOA.

Read their full media release here.

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February 06, 2024

Without warning the EPA has made changes to the NSW logging protocols that have scrapped the need to find and protect all den trees with a 50m logging exclusion zone. This weakening of protocols could mean the accelerated extinction of greater gliders in NSW.

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