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March 19, 2019

Liberal's flyer on dam ‘load of bull’

The NSW Liberals have distributed a flyer to western Sydney seats as part of their fear campaign pushing for the raising of Warragamba Dam wall (attached). The flyer claims that NSW Labor’s opposition to the dam raising would put thousands of lives at risk - a completely misleading accusation.

This comes after remarks made by Gladys Berejiklian last Friday, where she said the dam plan would “make sure into the future we also have capacity for extra water storage”[1] - contradicting Infrastructure NSW’s publicly stated reason of raising the dam wall for flood mitigation.

Western Sydney resident, Harry Burkitt, said:
“The flyer is a complete load of bull. It’s amazing that Infrastructure NSW are letting the dam raising become so politicized given the tremendous lack of transparency surrounding their project.

“Experts have said this is a hugley risky dam project given the NSW Liberals and their developer mates want to place an additional 134,000 people on western Sydney floodplains after the dam is raised[2].

“For the NSW Liberals to portray Labor as putting floodplain lives at risk is hypocrisy of the highest order.

“It was just a few years ago that Stuart Ayres stood next to a flood marker in Penrith and said development would be “as far as the eye can see”[3] across the Hawkesbury low-lands.

“Whatever the Liberals use the dam for, the only way Infrastructure NSW are going to make their money back is by privatising the dam or upping the price of people’s water bills. Both are going to cost taxpayers billions of dollars.”

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