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February 14, 2019

Documentary on Warragamba Dam raising to be launched

GIVE A DAM: Flooding the Blue Mountains is set to premiere in Springwood on Saturday February 16. The documentary showcases the beauty of the southern Blue Mountains and the impact raising Warragamba Dam wall would have on the world heritage area.

Harry Burkitt, GIVE A DAM Campaign Manager said: “Upstream, we have the environmental and cultural destruction associated with raising Warragamba Dam - the national parks, the dreamtime stories, the world heritage area. Downstream we have the western Sydney community that is currently bursting at the seams from over-development that raising the dam wall will greatly exacerbate.

“This film brings theses issues together into an enjoyable 50 minute documentary screening.

“Whether you are still deciding your position on the dam, or if you are one of our strongest supporters, the film provides a thought provoking insight on issue.”

The documentary features Gundungurra Traditional Owners, Professor Stuart Khan, Professor Jamie Pittock and several ornithologists (bird experts). NSW Greens MP Justin Field and NSW Deputy Labor Leader Penny Sharpe also feature in the film.

It is proposed to raise the Warragamba Dam wall by 14 metres to reduce flood risk in the Hawkesbury-Nepean Valley. The NSW government is developing an environmental impact statement for the dam plan, which is to be released this year.

The documentary will be launched from 3.30pm-5pm at The Hub in Springwood and includes guest speakers and a Q&A. Other screenings will be held throughout NSW and the Blue Mountains. Registration required. For more information and registration, visit

Media contact:
Harry Burkitt
[email protected]
0490 010 909

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