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Cherished ideals guiding us

Respect for wilderness

We care about wilderness, because wilderness matters. 

Guided by the conviction that a healthy environment is best for every living thing in Australia and on the planet, we advocate for the careful and responsible management of Australia's precious wild places. 

Photo credit: Henry Gold

We see the big picture, plan ahead and consistently deliver concrete results. 

At a time when the world is experiencing biodiversity loss, habitat destruction and climate change, we deliver high-impact campaigns that achieve large-scale, long-term benefits for nature in Australia.

Photo credit: John Reed

We speak up when nature needs a powerful voice.

When the wild landscapes on which nature relies need a powerful advocate, we speak up, persevere in the face of adversity and call attention to the needs of nature in Australia.  

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We look for sensible ways to make a big impact.  

At times when mining, logging, and other forms of environmental ruin threaten our wild places, we respond with innovative, cost-effective ways to shift the balance of power in favour of Australia's natural and cultural heritage.

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We have the courage to show the way toward a better future.  

To ensure Australia’s wilderness areas and the species that rely on them can thrive, we identify opportunities in challenges, share insights that shape people's perceptions and empower those who want nature in Australia to be safe, healthy and resilient.  

Photo credit: Dean Ingwersen

We encourage people like you to stand up for nature.

Knowing that Australians like you care deeply for natural life across our sunburnt country, we aim to inspire individuals, organisations and communities to join us in standing up for our nation's precious wilderness areas.  

Photo credit: Henry Gold

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