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March 26, 2021

A wilderness life

Keith Muir explains how his career - a wilderness life - explains how he made teamwork, unity, good policy, perseverance, seizing every opportunity and non-partisan politics work for nature conservation. 

Link to video of talk

He says his success came from 3 points:

  • Conservation groups working in partnership, on agreed goals;
  • Making opportunities out of the events along the way; and
  • Working as much as possible in a bi-partisan manner so that the gains stuck.

The talk covers - the campaign to protect and expand Royal National Park; how the push to reserve the Nattai Wilderness led to a state-wide wilderness campaign; applying past experience in a period of high energy when wilderness declaration extended across the NSW coastal ranges and the Greater Blue Mountains were inscribed on the World Heritage list; then how Wilderness campaign continued; and finally the Gardens of Stone campaign.

Keith says it was all a lot of hard work and fun, with fantastic bushwalks. What a Wilderness Life indeed!

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Spotlight on the Regent Honeyeater

June 27, 2022

Going, going...gone? The critically endangered Regent Honeyeater mainly inhabits the temperate woodlands and open forests of the inland slopes of south-east Australia; areas where many mature trees provide high canopy cover for other birds, as well as  habitat for native animals.  They are gifted...

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Spotlight on Levers Wilderness

June 27, 2022

Proposed for reservation in 1992 by Wilderness Australia, the 15,321 ha Levers Wilderness area adjoins the NSW-Queensland border on its southern side. About 60 kilometres north-west of Lismore, it lies on the McPherson Range, one of the Border Ranges west of the Tweed Range,...

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Spotlight on the Koala - an endangered Aussie icon

June 23, 2022

Growing to between 60-85cm in size, Koalas have grey-brown fur that appears soft to touch but is coarse like sheep’s wool. Even though they have poor vision, their large, round ears equip them with an excellent sense of hearing that helps detect predators and...

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